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Welcome to the Un-Official Kozo Fan Club!

Let me introduce to you Kozo, the dancing purple hippo, who has made people laugh from Canada, to Australia, from Brazil, to Italy, and everywhere in between. Check him out, spread the word, and come back often for more! There's more Kozo, and Kozo fans on the other pages... make sure you check them out too!


Kozo Feed Back!

So! What did you think? We want to know! Doesn't matter if it is your first time watching, or first time writing... we are interested to hear what you think! Also, if you liked it, and want to spread the word, there is an easy to use form that will email your friends the link on the community page.

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Kozo News!

Good News! ... and bad news :(

June, 08 - 2005

AMAZING! An update! :D I guess June just kind of does that for me :P

Well lets get the bad news out there first. Duck Studios as well as myself and other web sites hosting the original Kozo animation have been approached by Warner Chapelle, and told that we must remove the original Kozo animation or suffer legal consequences. So unfortunatly unless the legal issues regarding the song can be cleared up, you will not be able to see that first Kozo animation. If you see a site still hosting the original Kozo animation, please email me at and tell me the site. There is a petition for you to sign to try and get the original Kozo animation back. Click here to sign it

However... knowing that you have been without Kozo for so long, I have finally gotten the NEW Kozo animation up and running for your viewing pleasure! If you haven't seen it already, just scroll up and click the flash animation! It is a bigger file than the original, and may take a while to load, but be patient - it IS hillarious! Also, I have news that there will be annother Kozo animation made. Annother music video to be exact! Personally, I can't wait.

Site related updates: I need to revise a couple of the existing pages to remove references to any copyrighted material, and after that is done.. I will have a high quality version of the New Kozo animation to download for you guys! For REAL this time! No dead links! Also - I will get my butt working on the other pages that are yet un-finnished.

UPDATE: has aquired a sponsor for some of the downloadable files on the downloads page. Revolution Technology has offered up a bunch of bandwidth so that we can provide you with more downloads than ever before! They are located in Australia, and offer web design and hosting - as do we (

Thank you for the continued support! Keep checking back for more and more!

** One more small note - Kozo was choose for Site-A-Day's very FIRST site. You can check out the news posting here.

Posted by: Cody

It is up to you!

June, 20 - 2004

Just a quick mention... this site is ran by the people listed on our help page. It is out of their pocket that everything is payed for (hosting the site, using the bandwidth etc.) So, if your interested in helping in any way, check out the Help Kozo page. There is a donation bin available for you, and any little bit helps. If you have a web-site or product to sell or advertise, check out the advertise page and we can work out somthing that is good for all of us!

Also, feel free to check out our sponsored links, and ads. It is because of them that you get to see so much kozo!

Thank you.

Posted by: Cody

Site is Updated!

June, 02 - 2004

Well we have finally done it. We completly re-worked everything! This new version will make sure that you can always see kozo, and it will bring you more kozo than ever before! There will be kozo avatars, kozo signatures, kozo movie downloads that you can play on your own computer (macs included!)

The Kozo Story page will include more up-to-date stats than ever before. There will be more downloads, updates and information about kozo, and possible new kozo movies! Also, it will be made easier for you to help keep the kozo page alive! We will have a donation bin via paypal, and sponsored ads for you to check out too!

A lot more work will be put into the community aspect of the site as well. We will have better forums, and ways to tell your friends to check out Kozo. We will also add select comments to the kozo community page so you can see what other people think as well. If you link to kozo, we will link back on the community page.

Posted by: Cody

What we have here...

June, 01 - 2004

For those of you who have no idea what kozo is, here is a small explaination along with a bit about the site that you are visiting. Kozo is a free, downloadable short movie for you to watch. He was made by a person named Lane Nakamura who works with Duck Studios. We provide an area for you to watch him online as well as many downloads for you so you can watch him off your own computer whenever you would like. Kozo has developed a huge fan base, and we can't wait for you to be part of it. The site has stats, extra downloads, a kozo history, community, and plenty of chances for you to help kozo!

Check it all out, keep comming back, you never know when we might add somthing new! A new short movie of Kozo is apparently in the works, so keep your eyes out here!

Posted by: Cody



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